16 Powerful Affirmations that will Make You Wealthy

Next, say each one-by-one, taking several seconds between each one to internalize their meaning. Repeat this process for a minimum of three times until you feel satisfied.

As you say each affirmation, feel that they are true, just like any other statement of total fact. If you want to make these affirmations even more powerful, visualize not only how you would feel if they’re true, but what you’d be doing.

After you have finished your affirmations, conclude with “it is done.” You not only want to say this phrase, but you want to simultaneously feel that these affirmations are true for you right now.

Keep doing these affirmations twice each day until you have achieved your desired financial outcome(s). After 45 days, you can start saying the affirmations in your mind, or writing them down.

Remember, powerful money affirmations proceeded by inspired action are the backbone of financial prosperity and abundance.  If you have any questions or experiences, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

I wish you all the financial success you desire.


Frequently asked questions about money affirmations

What are money affirmations?

Money affirmations are statements that are spoken, written, or thought for the purpose of removing blockages about money and empowering financial freedom. Over time, these affirmations will fuel the inspired action needed to have financial success.

Do money affirmations really work?

Yes, they do. But, you can’t just say them and expect things to instantly change like magic. Money affirmations must be followed up with inspired action.

What is inspired action?

Inspired action is simply any action taken following your affirmations. You know an action is inspired when it feels “right,” and the action doesn’t feel forced. You should also feel happy and motivated.

What is an example of inspired action?

Anything can be an inspired action as long as it feels right. If you speak your financial affirmations, and it feels right to rest, then rest. If it feels right to research ways to make money, then do that.

Even an action that seems logically unrelated could be inspired.  For example, let’s say you feel inspired to take a walk down a quiet street. How can a walk make money? Sounds illogical, right? Ten minutes into that walk, you strike an interesting conversation with a stranger. As a result of the conversation, a multi-billion-dollar idea pops into your mind on your walk home.  You get back home and immediately start working on it. A few short months later, your idea is starting to take off and attract the attention of huge angel investors. Do you see what I mean by inspired action?

How long will it take for affirmations to work? 

That depends. You could see results almost immediately, or it could take months. It all depends on your money blockages, and how well you change your conscious thoughts.

Is there a difference between Money Mantras and Money Affirmations?

No, they have the same meaning.


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