16 Powerful Affirmations that will Make You Wealthy

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that are said, written, or thought for the purpose of self-empowerment. They are used to change any negative or restrictive inner dialogue and reprogram your subconscious mind in a positive way.

Over time, your newly positive thoughts will fuel the inspired action needed to have success.

You may have heard about the power of affirmations discussed in the context of New Age Thought or religious texts. But, even science now recognizes the power of thoughts (and thus the power of affirmations).

How to use powerful affirmations for Financial Success and Abundance

Affirmations can be thought, spoken, or written. I find that they are the most powerful when you do all three. If you’ve never done affirmations for money, I recommend saying them out loud.

You want to do these affirmations once in the morning (preferably first-thing), and right before you go to sleep.

For your morning affirmations, select a location that is comfortable for you. Ideally, you want this location to be quiet and secluded. Affirmations can be done anywhere, anytime. But, for best results, you want to do them in the same place each time. This way your affirmations will become a daily habit.

Need ideas on where to do your affirmations for money?

Here are a few example locations:

  • A comfortable chair or bed in your bedroom.
  • Your private study room.
  • Inside your car.
  • On a bench or grass at a quiet park.

Once you have chosen your location, it’s time to go to that location.

Now that you are at your designated location, get comfortable. Clear your mind until it feels blank and balanced. This can be done by breathing deeply and gently letting go of any other thoughts or feelings on your mind’s eyes.

You are now ready for the money affirmations.


The 16 Most Powerful Money Affirmations Ever Spoken

The purpose of these money affirmations is to dissolve any mental blockages you may have about money while simultaneously supercharging your financial potential. This will naturally lead you to take inspired action(s).

These money affirmations can work fast and are incredibly powerful. Make sure you are truly ready for positive financial change. If you are, begin by doing a quick read through of the affirmations.

  1. I am worthy of having more wealth.
  2. Financial freedom is my birthright.
  3. Money comes to me easily and harmoniously.
  4. I am a powerful money magnet.
  5. My net worth is growing exponentially.
  6. I am grateful to be financially free.
  7. My life is full of prosperity and abundance.
  8. I am a thriving and wealthy person.
  9. My financial opportunities are lucrative and plentiful.
  10. Money is rooted in good and leads to peace.
  11. I am the master of my own money.
  12. My loved ones are happy to see me wealthy.
  13. Being wealthy feels amazing.
  14. Money leads to happiness for myself and those around me.
  15. There is plenty of money to go around.
  16. It feels wonderful to have financial flexibility.