22 Animals Making The Most of Their Lives in Pools

Animals Making The Most of Their Lives in Pools

Now that it is summer again, the most common place where you can find me is wallowing in the pool.

Lying relaxed in the pool in order to keep cool and avoid the summer heat is something I could do at any given moment, at any given place. After all, hitting the pool is a much better option than keeping the central air pumping all day long.

It is hard for us to keep up with the high temperature, and imagine how you would feel if your entire body is covered with hair. I definitely don’t want to imagine that! It must be burning hell under all of that fur.

And that is why I have nothing against animals using the same mechanisms like us to deal with the summer warmth. Who said that pools are for humans only?!

Take a look at these animals that decided to cool themselves in pools and don’t give a damn if they are not supposed to be there.

1. Two happy bears swimming and playing in the backyard pool and one hysterical woman

2. The ‘must have’ items for going to the pool – this dog knows how to do it

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