11 creative passive aggressive ways to get back to people who suck at parking

11 creative passive-aggressive ways to get back to people who suck at parking

One of the most irritating things is when you can’t find a parking place. And what’s even more annoying is when you circling around in the parking looking for a spot and you notice a jerk that occupies 4 parking spots.

For some people it is so hard to stay within the lines. And then a million of creative mean ideas of what you could do to these parking jerks occur in your mind. You want to burn their car, you want to cut it in pieces, you feel pity for them, you want to donate a little bit of brain to them…

But still, you don’t do any of these things because you are above their level. You are going to get one of those little Smart cars and you can squeeze in little spots where normal cars can’t fit in. But no! If you wanted half of a car you would have bought one already.

You just want a normal parking spot for your normal car, because there are these great minds of the parking that created the parking spots and the unwritten laws of parking within the lines. Unfortunately for some people it is impossible to get that and we all have to suffer.

The only bright light is that here and there you can see how people use their creativity to get back at the parking douches in a passive aggressive way. Take a look at these 11 tweets and let pleasure be in your heart.