The Most Bizarre and Hilarious Things Spotted at the Airport

These people make airports a little more enjoyable, and strange.

Airports can be stressful places. They get crowded, they’re full of people rushing around, and all too often your flight is delayed. When you’re bored, jetlagged, and just want to get to wherever it is you’re going, they can be among the worst places to be in the whole world.Because of all that, we’re especially grateful to all the people who make airports a little more enjoyable. Some of them do it on purpose. Others have no idea they’re making everybody else laugh. Whether deliberately or accidental, those heroic souls are making the hours we spend there more bearable.We’re celebrating those airport comedians today! Some of them posed for these pictures on purpose, and others had no idea a photograph was being taken. Either way, they’ve all done their bit to put smiles on the faces of exhausted commuters, and that’s a fine thing. Our hats are tipped!

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