Meet Real-Life Rapunzel With 1.85 Meter Long Hair

If you ever wondered what’s the secret to having Rapunzel-like hair, the answer is pretty simple – be patient, take good care of your hair, and of course, have good genetics.

Meet Alena Kravchenko, 34, from Odessa, Ukraine, who claims to have never cut her hair for 29 years. Today her hair length reaches to 1.85 meters and it keeps growing.

Not so long ago Alena Kravchenko

 got an Instagram account with more than 20K followers where she shares her secrets on how to take care of your hair.

My mom raised me to love long hair. She would always say that female beauty is all about a woman’s hair. Over time, I realized she was right. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with naturally long hair.’

Alena claims to be 5 years old when she last cut her hair. Since then, her hair grew out to be more than 2 meters long, her golden locks now reaches floor length. The woman believes that her biggest secret to be able to grow her hair this long is that she very rarely washes her hair. Alena often says that shampoos can only harm your hair. To nourish her beautiful hair, she uses various types of oils and professional cosmetics only.

Though, the woman admits that taking care of such a long hair is not the easiest job on Earth. You can’t walk around with your hair down as it gets tangled very easily. You always have to put it in a bun or braid it.