Why does your vet take your pet ‘to the back’

Getting your pet at the vet

Remember how when you were kid you hated going at the doctors. Well you shouldn’t be surprised that your dog feels pretty much the same when you take him to the vet.

Having that in mind you shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction of this poor dog when his owner picks him up from the vet’s visit.

There are many reasons why a dog wouldn’t like to be taken to the vet like getting injections, untangling the fur, getting nudged, seeing the pain of other animals, staying at some strange boxes and bunch of other annoying things. These are just a pinch of the numerous reasons why the vet is the last place where a dog would like to be. And just for the record we totally understand it.

And if you think that you will get an expression of good will and tail wagging of happiness when picking your pet up that is not quite what you will get.

An example of that is this dog owner who was quite surprised when he found his dog. The dog’s unenthusiastic, disinterested and apathetic look made him feel guilty for letting him spend time at the vet station.

And if you thought the dog was just disappointed you might want to take a better look. He is slightly annoyed, indeed. Even that his owner tried to bribe him with snacks he didn’t want to make the slightest movement.

The owner will need to do much more than just offering snacks to correct his mistake. He will have to consider lots of bone treats, big amount of meat, more than a lot of petting and he will have to forget about the dog collar for some time. That can make things better.