Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Question Reality

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Every day we run across hundreds of print ads and photos vying for our attention. On many occasions, the photos are not in their original condition. With the help of photoshop, they are altered to look cleaner and better. Unfortunately, these photoshop fails will only make you scratch your head.

You can’t believe everything you see these days, with the emergence of a ton of apps to easily alter photos people everywhere are becoming their own personal Photoshop experts. Whether you know it or not anytime you scroll down your Instagram your easily laying your eyes on a number of enhanced pictures.

A lot of times it’s much more than a filter, it can be manipulating the picture to change the person’s appearance or airbrush somebodies skin Sometimes it’s just little changes that sometimes are difficult even to notice, other times some people don’t seem to be too observant and leave obvious trails of the picture being altered. Celebrities obviously have eyes on them 24/7 so when they slip up with something like a poor Photoshop job you know someone is going to notice. Now, I’m not 100% sure all of these are altered, sometimes haters are just going to hate, but on the other hand some of these are so blatant it’s amazing they were even posted.

A lot of the people on this list seem to build up a track record of their poor use of Photoshop. Some of the celebs that are repeat offenders of the botched Instagram post seems to be: anyone in the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Beyoncé, and Miranda Kerr. I definitely feel wanting to look your best, especially when you’re sharing your image with millions. I understand this is something that happens with models at photo shoots every single day; I just don’t know if they need to be going to these lengths for casual IG pics. If you’re going to decide to alter your pictures you should probably make sure you check it twice or have a buddy look at it. If not you could end up on a list of awful Photoshop jobs just like this one!

It’s always smart to mind the gap, folks!

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