How Do Your Feet Look Like Might Tell You What Kind Of Personality You Have

How do your feet look like might tell you what kind of personality you have

You must have heard of palm reading, but did you know that there is also feet reading?!

Throughout history feet reading has become even more distinguished science than the palm reading. Since a long time ago people believed that the shape of one’s feet is related to the type of personality that person has.

There are ten shapes of feet that can be correlated to ten different personality types.

Have a look at your feet, compare them to the pictures and find out what type of feet matches yours the most. Then see what type of personality you have and what characteristics you carry according to your feet.

1. The Roman feet

This type of foot is the most common one. People that have this type of feet are considered to be outgoing, very social and charming. They are thriving to be the center of attention and they usually are successful people in the business world.

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