A Fallen Angel in London!

A Fallen Angel in London!

An angel is a spiritual being that is an agent of God who proclaims love and peace in the world and it is blessed with great wisdom and knowledge.

Typically they are represented in human form and have wings, halos, light around them and a long white robe. Their extraordinary goodness, purity, selflessness, intelligence, and beauty have expanded the use of the term angel and they are often found as an inspiration in fine art.

Despite the fact that they only exist in the chimerical world, if you visit London you will get to see one fallen angel there.

The angel is an artistic sculpture that is created to symbolize that there is no big difference between humans and angels and that every human creature has the ability to be an angel.

The sculpture resembles a human that has wings and the message it sends is that humans with angelic hearts exist and they are real-life angels.

The Angel is a creation of the collaborative work of two Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. The sculpture is made of fiberglass, silica gel and has wings covered with flesh, white hair, terrifyingly lifelike skin with details like wrinkles, sunspots and bristles.

This realistic angel is surrounded with stainless steel and woven mesh. The extreme realism of the sculpture that is almost terrifying has sparked a lot of attention and controversy. There were a lot of viewers that expressed aversion and discomfort at how accurate and realistic the sculpture looked.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are familiar with such reactions and making headlines because their work includes using unconventional materials like human fat tissue, taxidermy, baby cadavers, live animals, machinery and many other controversial media to create their art.

However, this fallen angel that has earned both acclamation and condemnation is a fantastic masterpiece that shows how incredible art can be.

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