Farmer Jose Antonio Nievas Unassumingly Stumbled Upon A Forgotten Species From The Ice Age

mysterious discovery


For most farmers, their day-to-day duties consist of tending to their land and knowing how to reap the most from their crops. While these agriculture experts are used to checking on the daily progress on their farms, they sometimes come across extraordinary finds that are completely unexpected. Such was the case for one unsuspecting farmer who happened to come across a mysterious object that turned out to have belonged to something completely unexpected–something that went extinct many years ago. Keep reading to find out what the farmer’s bizarre discovery actually turned out to be. Believe us, you don’t want to miss it!

1. A Christmas Surprise

Farmer Jose Antonio Nievas was just getting some fresh air while enjoying a casual Christmas Day in 2015 stroll along his grounds when something unusual happened that would forever be ingrained in the memory of those far beyond his small town.

shocking discovery

Edwin Remsburg / VW Pics via Getty Images

The farm was a common place to find various kinds of plants and animals, but on that unassuming day, Nievas stumbled across something that he had never encountered in his line of work and completely left him in a state of shock and wonder.

2. Finding a Foreign Object

Jose Antonio Nievas’ farm was located in Carlos Spegazzini, a city about located 25 miles (40 km) south of Buenos Aires. It was during his stroll when he passed a stream on his property and something striking caught his eye.

mysterious discovery

Ruptly / Youtube

Unassumingly wedged in the bank of the stream was a large, rounded object that he initially thought looked like a giant stone. However, as he approached the item, he realized that it was in fact not a large rock.

3. Not What it Seemed

As he got closer, Nievas observed that it was in fact not a stone at all. The strange object was partly covered in mud and he couldn’t determine what it was. As he tried to clear the grime off of the round object, he started to associate it with something else.

4. Calling for Assistance

Nieves attempted for some time to dig the mystifying object out of the mud and clean it to get a better look. Nonetheless, he was having trouble dislodging it from the riverbank and needed another pair of helping hands to assist.