This 6 Inch skeleton found in Chile could be the first evidence of alien life that scientist have been looking for

This 6 Inch skeleton found in Chile could be the first evidence of alien life that scientist have been looking for

In 2003 in Atacama Desert in Chile a weird 6 inch long skeleton with a large head was found covered in pouch.

The enigmatic skeleton featured an UFO – documentary and scientist have started resolving this mystery ever since. So far, more than ten years have passed and there is still no clear result or consequence of an eventual study.

The only clear thing is that the skeleton has caused a lot of interest and a big confusion whether it is a sample that represents a fetus or whether this mysterious creature is proof that alien life exist.

Even though the research over this tiny skeleton has started many years ago there is still no confirmed outcome. Some suspect that this weird human-like skeleton is actually a sign of an alien life, because so far on the Earth such a creature has never been discovered.

And that is why it is believed to be a miniature alien skeleton. Another theory is that the mysterious and bizarre skeleton belongs to deformed child fetus.

At first, when it was found – the specimen was assumed to be thousands of years old, considering that the Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on the Earth which would preserve the skeleton for ages. But after a series of studies were conducted it was proved that the prediction was wrong – the skeleton was not ancient but it is probably a few decades old because the specimen had an abandoned and modern DNA with high quality.  

The researchers had difficulties to get any clues of this tiny skeleton because a few abnormalities were discovered. Even though the research lasted for ten years, there was not single evidence that could indicate the exact origin of the skeleton with scientific certainty.

The analysis of the skeleton showed that its structure is a lot like the human’s but not completely. The x – rays of the skeleton were compared with the x – rays of a human’s fetus and remarkable differences were spotted. After the x – rays were deeply studied it was concluded that the skeleton is smaller than a human’s baby, but it is very probable that it belong to someone who is from 6 to 8 years old. This is another very bizarre hypothesis that came into light when it comes to the controversial skeleton.

Another proof of the interest that this skeleton evoked is that many respected universities decided to investigate it. The scientists from a famous American university took a DNA sample from the bone marrow that was extracted from the specimen for an investigation. Also the skeleton was acquired by the Disclosure Project to be carefully researched and it intrigued the scientists from the Stanford University.

All of these studies and its results disclose extremely large possibilities that the skeleton is of a human being, but the fact that it has a large head and less ribs create a dose of doubt that it might be an alien creature, because there is no such being ever discovered on the Earth so far.

Another shocking fact about the skeleton that the scientist suggest is that in that region of Chile a lot of abortions were carried out. Suspicious mixtures of herbs are used for the abortions that cause deformations on the fetus, indicating what might be the explanation for this bizarre case.

Scientist will keep on trying to make this case clear and explain this mysterious discovery.

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