What Is Your Actual Birth Name?

Have you ever wondered what name would suit you best.

Take this quick, fun quiz to find out what your birth name should have been.

Obviously this is a bit of fun so don’t take it too seriously.


Are you a boy or a girl ?

How do your friends describe you ?

What is your favorite food?

How many Friends Do You Have?

Qhat is your Favorite season?

Do you like read/write?

How would you describe yourself?

What would you name your dog?

What Is Your Actual Birth Name? QUIZ
You Got Elliot

You got Elliot! You are a shy but loving person. You are kind, studious, and a tad introverted. You like to keep quiet and not draw much attention to yourself. However, people often turn to you because you can keep secrets really well and you're super trustworthy.